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  • European War 4: Napoleon Strategy Game Review

    I have loved playing strategy games may they be real time or turn based. The first turn based strategy that i play was the all famous utopia. It was introduced to me by a friend and i spent many hours playing it. Games like Red Alert, Tiberium Sun, Empire Earth, have been a major part of my child hood.ir-leasing.ru

    I used to play strategy games in my computer all those years ago. Then came the mobile age and have been looking for a good strategy game which would be at par with those game of another era. Going through the Google Play Store did not disappoint me, as i found a game by the name of European War 4: Napoleon, a turn by turn based strategy warfare game.

    Along with this game, i have found many other war based strategy games, which i think is a really good for the fans of strategy games.

    European War 4: Napolean is a turn by turn war based strategy game. Unlike the real time strategy games, in turn by turn games each player takes turns to make his moves making sure that he get the most benefit from the moves.

    This game is set in the Napolean era. In the first two campaigns you can play as either France or the alliance which was fighting against France at that time. There are other locked campaigns which are situation in different locations in the world.

    During turns you are to manage the economy as well the military of your country. You will be building towns, stables, sea ports, armories, and much more. You will also be collecting resources to keep your economy going so that you can build an army so that you can fight against your enemies.

    You can also make alliances, though i have not found out how to do so, but when i attacked one of my supposedly allies (i did not know that the country was my ally, i was told that the alliance will be over if i continued to attack, which it did).

    After you take your turn you have to end your turn so that the opponent can take his turn.

    In turn based games you have to plan and strategise before hand because the game does not happen in real time, and you only find out what your opponent will do after you have made your moves.

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    In the conquest mode you have choices from different war scenarios ranging from different periods of time which are as follows:

    As the name conquest suggests you have to defeat all of your enemies and conquer over the war scenario. Think of this as the skirmish battles/wars that we used to play in real time strategy games. There are no defined objectives in the conquest mode except for defeat all and conquer as much as you can.


    In the campaign mode you have to complete the missions within a set number of turns, while in the conquest mode the game can go on for hours. This can get tiring but you can save the game and then continue when you freshen up your self.

    The game has been made well. The art, animation and the music have been well designed and implemented, with proper sequencing. I have not yet found any bug in the game.


    I highly recommend this game to all fans of war based strategy games. This game has surely rekindled my old love of strategy games.


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  • Brother in Arms 3 Android Game Review

    Brother in Arms 3 bringing all the action to Android

    Gameloft is a game development company well known for its high quality action packed games. Gameloft has many games under its belt, and Brother in Arms 3 is the lastest installment in the Brother in Arms series. I will be reviewing the Android version of the game.

    Brother in Arms is a free game to download as it follows a pay as you go model where you pay money to buy items which you use in the game.

    The game has been set in world war 2 and you fight as the allies, against the axis.

    Brother in Arms 3 Game Review

    Brother in Arms 3 Game Review

    What Are The Features Of The Game?

    This game is a first person shooter game, where you play from the 3rd person’s perspective. The missions in the game are small and bite sized with small objectives. I feel this is good because the attention span of the user is limited when playing games on the mobile devices and the hands also start to go numb when holding the phone for too long.

    Having small missions helps me get rest when i need it. Furthermore, the story of the game is also engrossing and interesting. Following a world war 2 narrative the player plays missions which as in all games of this genre decide the success or failure of the whole war, which i think is a bit far fetched, that a war depends on a single man.

    The game also features a cache of weapons such as machine guns, rifles, sniper, and other secondary weapons such as grenades, fire bombs, etc…

    Controlling the character is done by the controls given on the screen. The left thumb is used to control the movement, while the right thumb or finger is used to control the direction. The controls for the weapons are also given on the right side.

    This game has another feature by the name of brothers. A brother is more like a wing man who you can control to give commands, such as there is a brother who takes sniper shots or another who calls in for an air support. Using the brother’s services can mean the difference between life and death.

    The graphics and art of the game is high quality and i get the feeling of playing the game on a gaming console or a pc. The audio has also been well designed, which further brings the player into the game.

    Brother in Arms 3 Game Review

    Brother in Arms 3 Game Review

    Problems That I Found

    I played the game on my Huawei Ascend P7, which sports a quad core processor, but even then at times i found the game to slow to a halt and cause responsive issues. Due to this at key moments in the game the game becomes really slow and does not respond to my commands on time, due to which i end up losing the mission.

    This lag may be because of my device, but then if the game has been made for mobile devices, it should not lag on relatively new devices.

    Apart from this, i also found that to buy weapons such as bazookas launchers, grenades, etc… one has to buy stars from the market. I believe that as a casual gamer the game developers should have made it possible for the stars to be earned while playing the game, instead of just making them available in the store. I can not afford to spend money to buy the stars all the time. There are certain missions which require weapons which can be purchased using those stars.

    Brother in Arms 3 Game Review

    Brother in Arms 3 Game Review


    Overall, i find the game interesting and attention grabbing and worth the time. I recommend this game to all first person shooter fans, who also like a bit of a story in between.

    • Brother in Arms 3 Game Review
      Brother in Arms 3 Game Review

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