• Interlocked Game Review

    Interlocked not unlike any other puzzle game

    If you remember there used to be 3D puzzles which you used to play when your were a little child. You had to put blocks of certain sizes and shapes into their corresponding receiving holes, or the ones in which you had to free the blocks from one another. Now you can face the same anxiety of failure and despair when you could not solve the puzzle.

    Interlocked Game is a 3D puzzle game which is available on Android in which the player has to solve puzzles and beat the level.

    The number of moves and the time that you take to solve the puzzle are tracked and you get a score based on the combination of these.

    What i really like about this game is that since it is a 3D game, i can move the puzzle around, and see it from all angles as if i am solving a real puzzle in my hands.

    There is also a walk through, but the game sometimes, asks you to watch a video before showing you the walk through, while at other times it gives tips to how to begin solving the puzzle.

    I think this is fine, and not a problem. I did not get bombarded by in game Ads like other games show at the wrong moments in time.

    Apart from there being different levels, there are puzzle blocks of different materials which you can play with, but they have to be unlocked first. When you first play the game, you have wooden blocks to play with.

    Interlocked Game Review

    This puzzle seems difficult…


    I did not find any glaring problem in Interlocked, and i believe it has been built with quality and giving the player a great time in mind.

    If you want to have a great time solving puzzles like you used to when you were young, then this game is definitely for you. You might even get smarter in the process.


    • Interlocked Game Review
      Interlocked Game Review

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  • Ballz Eye Game Review

    Ballz Eye is not an average puzzle game

    If you fancy testing your reflexes, then i have the perfect game for you, Ballz Eye. Ballz eye, even though being a puzzle game is not by first looks a puzzle game. It is a different kind of a game altogether.

    In Ballz Eye balls grow in size in the middle of the screen and you have to flick them away to targets matching their color before the counter in them expires, or else you will lose the game.

    The game includes a tutorial which does its best to explain you how to play the game. I am glad that the developers included a tutorial in this unconventional game.

    There is a twist in this game, out of no where an anti-ball comes up, which can be flicked away into a target other than the one specified by its color.  If you happen to accidentally throw it towards the wrong target, then you will lose the game.

    Ballz Eye Game Review

    Anti-ball has popped up throwing one off the game.

    This game also has bombs which periodically pop up, but so far i have not been able to see any effect of them, maybe i am doing something wrong.

    Game modes in Ballz Eye

    There are two game modes, Classic, and Rush.

    In the Classic mode is essentially a survival mode, where you play for as long as you can hold out without any time restrictions.

    In the Rush mode you have a time limit of 1 minute, within which you have to throw as many balls as possible.


    I did not find any problems with the game other than that it does take quite a while to get used to.

    Ballz Eye is surely a game of reflexes and speed, and if you want to have a killer time while you are bored then i recommend this game.


    • Ballz Eye Game Review
      Ballz Eye Game Review


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  • Flick Football Legends Game Review

    Flick Football Legends is an interesting and a fun game

    I love football and I am big supporter of Chelsea FC (Football Club),  so sometimes I also want to play football games on my Android device and what better game to play then Flick Kick Football Legends. Unlike most football games this is a flick based game with very interesting story to it.

    Flick Football Legends is set as a comic based game from the 70’s. The story is slowly revealed as the player progresses through the game making the game even more engrossing. Who does not want to know the secrets of this game? I sure do!!!

    For a newbie this game can be very challenging at first but soon you will get the grasp of it, as you play it and furthermore you can also practice in the practice mode of the game.

    There are five main actions during a match which you can peform,  i.e pass, shoot, defence, keeper and penalty.

    The game gets challenging and difficult to play as you progress through the levels. Once when it was easy to pass and tackle, become a nerve wrecking action. If you miss a tackle the opposing team will surely score. Who wants to loose a match which you have set up to such a position, while if you loose your concentration it will all go down the drain.

    Flick Football Legends Game Review

    Flick Football Legends Game Review

    Game Modes

    There are four main game modes from which you can play:

    1. League
    2. Practice
    3. Infinity Cup
    4. International Cup

    Main story of the game starts when you play league mode and you have to manage a junior team and help it win matches and rise in the league tables.

    You can also purchase new players in the form of cards. Before you start playing the team sheet shows the special power of each player and their powers can be upgraded using experience. To gain experience you have to play matches.

    In infinity cup you will play unlimited amount of matches until you you draw or lose a

    Flick Football Legends Game Review

    Flick Football Legends Game Mode

    In international cup you play for England and same as in league mode you have to play divisions. There are a total of 3 divisions.

    Flick Football Legends uses the strategy of making the player wait after playing the game a few times. The energy resource being used in Flick Football is stamina and once consumed each stamina is generated after 30 minutes. A total of 5 matches stamina is available but it can be increased to 8 or 16 matches if you buy the stamina.

    New players are unlocked in the form of cards, and you can also buy using coins or money from the store.

    There is also pre-game, half time and post-game commentary which is funny yet interesting. The commentators always have something witty to say.

    Problems that i found

    Even though this game is really great, i did find some problems which the development team should immediately resolve.

    Firstly, the match duration is around only 1-2 minutes and it cannot be changed.

    Secondly, the stamina refill time is too long, of 30 minutes. The game employs the rule of giving rest to the player, but it should not be too much such that the rush of playing the game washes away. Either the player has to wait for the stipulated time, or has to spend money to buy more stamina. I believe the time out time should be reasonable such as 5 minutes per each stamina level, anything more than that will be a buzz kill for the player.

    Thirdly, if you perform poorly in the league you can not restart the league and have to complete it. I myself was frustrated when i had to play through a league only have to play it again, because i failed to win it. This particular feature can be putting off to casual games, who may just stop playing the game all together due to this.


    I recommend this game, as it is addictive, and a great time killer, and for footbal fans like me it is a heaven sent. This one game will always be part of my games collection on my phone.


    • Flick Football Legends Game Review
      Flick Football Legends Game Review

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  • European War 4: Napoleon Strategy Game Review

    I have loved playing strategy games may they be real time or turn based. The first turn based strategy that i play was the all famous utopia. It was introduced to me by a friend and i spent many hours playing it. Games like Red Alert, Tiberium Sun, Empire Earth, have been a major part of my child

    I used to play strategy games in my computer all those years ago. Then came the mobile age and have been looking for a good strategy game which would be at par with those game of another era. Going through the Google Play Store did not disappoint me, as i found a game by the name of European War 4: Napoleon, a turn by turn based strategy warfare game.

    Along with this game, i have found many other war based strategy games, which i think is a really good for the fans of strategy games.

    European War 4: Napolean is a turn by turn war based strategy game. Unlike the real time strategy games, in turn by turn games each player takes turns to make his moves making sure that he get the most benefit from the moves.

    This game is set in the Napolean era. In the first two campaigns you can play as either France or the alliance which was fighting against France at that time. There are other locked campaigns which are situation in different locations in the world.

    During turns you are to manage the economy as well the military of your country. You will be building towns, stables, sea ports, armories, and much more. You will also be collecting resources to keep your economy going so that you can build an army so that you can fight against your enemies.

    You can also make alliances, though i have not found out how to do so, but when i attacked one of my supposedly allies (i did not know that the country was my ally, i was told that the alliance will be over if i continued to attack, which it did).

    After you take your turn you have to end your turn so that the opponent can take his turn.

    In turn based games you have to plan and strategise before hand because the game does not happen in real time, and you only find out what your opponent will do after you have made your moves.

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    In the conquest mode you have choices from different war scenarios ranging from different periods of time which are as follows:

    As the name conquest suggests you have to defeat all of your enemies and conquer over the war scenario. Think of this as the skirmish battles/wars that we used to play in real time strategy games. There are no defined objectives in the conquest mode except for defeat all and conquer as much as you can.


    In the campaign mode you have to complete the missions within a set number of turns, while in the conquest mode the game can go on for hours. This can get tiring but you can save the game and then continue when you freshen up your self.

    The game has been made well. The art, animation and the music have been well designed and implemented, with proper sequencing. I have not yet found any bug in the game.


    I highly recommend this game to all fans of war based strategy games. This game has surely rekindled my old love of strategy games.


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  • World Lens Language Translator App For Android Review

    The Translation App For Travel Junkies

    Adventure and travelling are any travel junky’s passion and life. Remote exotic locations and no understanding of the local language can not keep a travel junky away from the adventure of a lifetime.
    Technology has become part of life and one depends on it to accomplish daily tasks. To make life easier for a travel junky a company has developed a translation app which uses the principles of computer vision and image processing to translate text which is brought into the camera view of the device.
    World Lens Language Translator translates the words and replaces the translated words and places them right on the screen. This is quite interesting as the user just has to select the language and hold up the phone towards the target text which he wants to translate.

    Built-in Language Translations Supported

    Following language translations are supported:

    • English to Spanish
    • Spanish to English
    • English to French
    • French to English
    • English to Italian
    • Italian to English
    • English to German
    • German to English
    • English to Portuguese
    • Portuguese to English
    • English to Russian
    • Russian to English


    World Lens provides a selection of built in language translations which you can use.

    World Lens provides a selection of built in language translations which you can use.

    There are two other features which i feel are bells and whistles and do not provide any useful use to the user.

    • Reverse the words
    • Erase the words
    The reverse the words feature displays the target text it in a reverse order.
    World Lens also provides a reverse words feature where you can reverse the words of the text.

    World Lens also provides a reverse words feature where you can reverse the words of the text.

    The erase the words feature erases the text by displaying the color of the background on the screen where the text was originally.
    World Lens also can remove text from the screen.

    World Lens also can remove text from the screen.

    UX, Design, and Ease of Use

    World Lens is quite easy to use. Select the language to translate from the menu at the top of the screen and all you have to do is to point the camera towards the text to the text that you want to translate.

    As mentioned earlier the translated text is displayed over the text and shown on the screen of the device.

    I really like this as i do not need to change screens to get the translation. Due to this the app becomes really easy to use, however you do have to keep the camera still or the translation won’t work properly.


    The app is really useful as it translates in real time. Suppose you are travelling and find a road side board in the local language (the app must support the language) and you hold up the device to the road side board you will be able to see what the board says.

    You can also translate text by typing in the word by pressing the book button at the bottom of the screen and typing in the word manually. A list of translations will be shown as a result.

    You can also type in the text which you want translated.

    You can also type in the text which you want translated.

    You can also freeze the frame by pressing the pause button at the bottom of the screen. When the translation has been done you can translate that text to another language using the language settings.

    Furthermore the translation is all offline, which means you do not need an internet connection to translate. This feature makes the app quite useful as this app will most probably be used in locations where there will be little or no internet connection.


    World Lens allows you to freeze the frame for easier reading.

    World Lens allows you to freeze the frame for easier reading.

    Problems That I Found

    The quality of the app is quite good, but it does have some problems.

    Firstly, the number of languages supported is quite low. It would have been better if more languages would have been supported.

    Secondly, you have to keep the phone still while translating the text which can get a bit difficult, but you can use the freeze frame feature as explained above.


    World Lens offers a limited selection of languages to choose from, but if the travel junky is travelling to a country whose language is supported then this app can be quite useful, but for other countries it won’t be of much use.

    • World Lens provides a selection of built in language translations which you can use.
      World Lens provides a selection of built in language translations which you can use.

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  • Merchoo Collectables Shopping Store


    Getting collectables designed and made for your company/website is a creative and an exciting event. However, if gone wrong it can end in a disaster. If you want a free option and also make some money you can set up Merchoo on your website.

    Merchoo is a collectables manufacturing company which provides you an online shop which you can integrate into your website which will contain products/collectables offered by them with your logos and(or) text which you design on the collectables. When a user purchases you get money in return. Is this not a good deal?

    Merchoo shopping button integrated seamlessly into your website

    Merchoo shopping button integrated seamlessly into your website


    The store opens from the left of the window

    The store opens from the left of the window

    UX, Design and Ease of Use

    Integrating Merchoo is very easy. For WordPress websites you can download a plugin by the same name as Merchoo. For non-WordPress sites, you can add the code provided by Merchoo. For WordPress plugin all you have to do is to install the plugin and enter the merchant id which you can get from the “My Account” section of the Merchoo website.

    In case for the non-WordPress website you just have to write the merchant id in the code itself and use that code. Integrating the shopping store is extremely easy. Setting up the store from the Merchoo website is easy as well.

    Designing your collectables is even easier, as Merchoo provides the software where you can upload your images or add text and drag and drop them on to the designated area.

    Design your own shirt art

    Design your own shirt art


    Merchoo at the moment provides the following products which you can design (you can design what is to be printed on the front of the products):

    • T-Shirt for Men
    • Tote Bag
    • Hoodies,
    • Long Sleeve Shirts,
    • T-Shirts for Women

    You can design what is to be printed on to the front of the collectables. Merchoo provides an easy to use software which allows you to upload a number of images and add a number of text with different font styles and color. You can even resize the text. Furthermore you can decide where you want to place the image(s) and(or) text onto the shirt. There is an area defined within which you can place anywhere.

    You can also decide whether you want your earnings to either be paid to your PayPal account or it be sent to you via cheque.

    As discussed above integrating the store into your website is as easy as either installing a WordPress plugin or copying and pasting a piece of code into your non-WordPress website. Once that is done your website will be showing a button labeled, “Merchendise” and upon pressing it will open the store from where you users will be able to purchase products with your logos and text.

    The best thing about this is that you do not have to pay a dime, but instead you get money in return in the form of commission. Merchoo handles manufacturing and shipping the products to the buyer.


    This idea seems good and novel, and useful for those who want to sell collectables with their logos and(or) text for free, but also make some money on the side.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

    Update 12:39 am 8th December 2014: I missed the link to merchoo in the opening paragraph. I have added that.

    Update 3:35 am 9th December 2014: I have updated the link of the article and the content to improve SEO.

    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Cart Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
    • Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin
      Merchoo Shopping Store Plugin

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    $(‘#metaslider_514’).addClass(‘flexslider’); // theme/plugin conflict avoidance
    var timer_metaslider_514 = function() {
    var slider = !window.jQuery ? window.setTimeout(timer_metaslider_514, 100) : !jQuery.isReady ? window.setTimeout(timer_metaslider_514, 1) : metaslider_514(window.jQuery);

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  • P2P File Sharing Service

    There are many file sharing services available for one to use such as the all famous (now or the infamous These services allowed the user to upload their files on to the service’s server so that the uploader can share the file with who ever they

    If you just want to transfer your file and not store on some server there are other niche services such as the peer to peer (p2p) file sharing services. is one such app which Connects the two parties via a p2p connection.
    A p2p file sharing connection does not require an intermediary server to transfer the data. It is only needed for service discovery. After that the two parties communicate directly with each other. The two parties are both the client and server.

    The p2p file sharing technique has been made popular by torrent software and Skype which was originally a peer to peer service before it got acquired by Microsoft. connects the sender and the receiver are connected with each other directly. One thing which really attracts me to such projects is that is an open source project and you can download the source code from github. I myself am a developer, and i have an interest to see how different software work.

    The user experience is very simple and minimal. The user can either select files by dragging them onto the website’s page, or press the “Add or drop files” button and open a file browser.

    If the user decides to upload more files then they will all be shown on the same screen ordered vertically. Do note that it is key that the browser(or tab) is not closed if the file upload is in progress, else the file transfer will fail.

    The website is easy to use, and the process of uploading the file is the same as it has been so there is nothing new here. The user knows exactly what to do. The instructions are given clearly in the page of the website.

    The theme itself is dark and red which gives of a professional feel.

    When the user uploads a file, a link is generated by the service which identifies the connection. The link is given to the other user and he loads it up on his browser. Then two browsers connect with each other and the file transfer begins.

    Both the sender and the receiver are shown both the speed of transfer and how much the file to be transferred is left. This is a good addition and a requirement in such type of apps.

    Another thing that i notice is that if both the sender and the receiver are on the same WiFi network, then the data is transferred over the local network, and not over the Internet. Such a scenario took place with me, and the transfer speed that i got was just above 1MB/second.

    This fact was further reassured when my Internet connection got disconnected but the file transfer continued as it was.

    The file transfer did not work for me on Mozilla Firefox, but it worked on Google Chrome. The developer will have to make this app cross platform, or it will not be of much use to the users.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

    Reep io is session based, so once the session is disconnected the transaction is lost and the file transfer will have to be done from scratch. This is a pain if you are uploading a large file. Just today while testing service I asked my friend to send me a large file which uploaded till 45 percent but then the connection disconnected and all of the progress was lost.

    Other file transfer techniques such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol), HTTP file upload, Skype file upload are all session based, but if the developer finds a way to cache the data downloaded and keeps a track of what part of the data has been uploaded and what is remaining, i am pretty sure that this will surely make the app more appealing and more useful for the users. I think the developer should do what torrent software or download managers do.

    I also noticed that if i upload a video file, the file type(in the name) is not changed back to the original type. Maybe this was an edge case, but the developer should look into this.

    The idea of the app is quite good, but not novel. There are many peer to peer file transfer websites available out there, and this feature is already integrated in other software such as Skype.

    I recommend that if the development team work on the problems given above, they can rise above the competition and have a hit on their hands. Just because the file transfer is peer to peer it does not mean that caching of the file can not be done. This is one feature which i really want. I do not want to start the file transfer all over again if my session has been disconnected. I have had this problem with many file transfer services. I would like this particular problem to be solved as soon as possible. I believe this is one reason why torrents and file download managers are so popular that they cache the data, and continue the download from the place where they were interrupted.

    Update: 6:49 am 6th December 2014. I made some spelling corrections.

    Update 3:35 am 9th December 2014: I have updated the link of the article and the content to improve SEO.

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  • Piano Tiles Game

    I was searching the Google Play Store for a good game to play in the puzzle genre, since you know puzzle games are my all new favorite genre. A few days ago i reviewed the game Two Dots, one of the best puzzle games that i have played, and now i review a game, of which i am not really sure what to call it since on my launcher screen the name is Piano Tiles, while on the Google Play Store page the game is called Don’t Tap the White Tile and has been developed by Hu Wen Zeng. For making things easy let us call this game Piano Tiles Game.

    This gem of a game is seriously addictive and now i am actually in competition with one of my best friends and development partner in my company,  to who can hit the most tiles in the least amount of time. So far i am loosing, but i will never give up!!!! Your going down pal!!!!

    How Do You Play Piano Tiles?

    Piano Tiles Game is not exactly a puzzle game, but you can say it kind of falls into it, but not so much. In this game you have tiles of two colors, black and white, hence the name Piano Tiles.

    There are a number of modes in this game, ranging from trying to beat your lowest time, to amassing the most piano tiles. The player must also have really good hand/finger eye coordination as you have to tap the black tile and not hit the white tile at an cost or the game will be over.

    There have been times when i am going so fast, that i feel that my hand is moving on its own following the black tiles and tapping them out of existence. The first time this happened it was quite freaky, and i was like WOAH!!! , what did just happen here. Maybe it has something to do the brain controlling the hand movements, this is what i have come up with but i am not a medical student so i may be totally wrong here.

    As you tap the piano tiles you collect them and then when the game is over you can continue to play the game if you have enough piano tiles from where you left of.

    This continue feature is useful when you are playing the mode in which you collect the tiles and are not trying to beat the lowest time, as then the time just ads up because the time is not rest to zero when you continue.

    In the Arcade mode the screen also scrolls so the user has to keep up with the movement or the player will loose if a black tile is missed. In this mode there are different speeds at which you can play the game, and there is also a reverse mode where the screen is moved from top to bottom, which is a bit disorienting as we are more used to bottom to top games rather than top to bottom.

    My Recommendations

    The graphical art is pretty simple and two tone black and white color, but this game does not require high-fi art because the game play and style of the game are what makes the game really interesting, addictive and fun. Any more art will surely add hindrance to the player.

    I highly recommend this game, and this is one game you surely want to have with you to pass your time, and believe me that you will not even know where your time went.

    Update 4:03 am 9th December 2014: I have updated the link of the article and the content to improve SEO.

    • Piano Tiles Game Review
      Piano Tiles Game Review

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  • Kia Scene Hai Event Finder Website


    This particular review is for our Pakistani readers. There must have been times, when you ask your friend “kia scene hai“, which translates to “what is the plan”, when you are lazing around nothing to do. This particular service tells you of happening in your city. At moment the website is offering its services for Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad.

    UX, Design and Ease of Use

    The design of the website is simple, with filters at the top in the body, then featured events are right below them, and then further more filters are given where the user can filter the events by what is happening today, tomorrow, this week, and this month.

    Then below that are the categories along with the number of events being held in that category. Further more the best events in your selected city are also shown. The design does its job to get your attention and inform you of the events that are happening in your city.

    The user experience is a bit too overwhelming for the first time user as every thing is shown right there on the home page. It does take a while to take into the experience. Once the user gets over this then the site is pretty self explanatory and easy to use. The learning curve is quite shallow.


    I for one like to attend meetups and events related to entrepreneurship and business where i can meet fellow entrepreneurs in my city. I was surprised to find that the website did have events which catered to my needs. Kia Scene Hai consists of a large number of event types from which you can choose from.

    The categories are as follows:

    • Art/Literature
    • Conference
    • Festivals
    • Music/Concert
    • Meetup/Talk
    • Exhibition/Launch
    • Sports
    • Theater/Film
    • Trips
    • Competition
    • Workshops

    The website also offers weekly updates via email and SMS keeping you updated what is happening in your city.

    The usefulness of the website is quite obvious as it does its jobs quite well.

    If you are organizing your event you can even sell your tickets through the website and also conduct promotion for your event through the website.

    I am also happy that the events that are in the system are quite new and interesting and not outdated or expired. This shows that the team at Kia Scene Hai is hard at work in maintaining the system and adding more events as they come.

    The website also offers an Android app which you can download from the Google Play Store.

    You can also find reviews of restaurants in your city and also search for restaurants based on the type of food they sell.


    I highly recommend Kia Scene Hai if you like going out and having fun. I will surely be using this service to find near by events so that i can have a great time.

    Update 4:29 am 9th December 2014: I have updated the link of the article and the content to improve SEO.


    • Kia Scene Hai Events Happening Website
      Kia Scene Hai Events Happening Website

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  • Shadow Fight 2 Fighting Game

    As far as fighting games go, nothing can beat the all ruling Tekken, but there is one game, which is just as good as Tekken was in its hay day. The game that i will be writing about is called Shadow Fight 2.

    What Is The Story Of The Character in Shadow Fight 2?

    In Shadow Fight 2 the character was once an invincible warrior, travelling the land searching for a worthy warrior. On his travels he finds a portal which he opens and releases demons out into the world. In the process the character is stripped of his human body and is left with a shadow of a body, hence the name Shadow Fight. The character now has to fight the demons that he has freed.

    What Are The Features Of The Game?

    The player has to build up his character and make him strong and worthy enough to fight against the demons and their cronies. The player can also purchase better clothing, equipment, spells (magic), head gear, learn new moves, and much much more.

    Furthermore, the player can earn money by either taking part in tournaments which pay more, but the opponents are stronger and more well trained, while the other way is to fight for survival where the player fights one round after the other against different opponents until he dies.

    The audio quality of the game is superb, with correctly timed sound effects and the music with Chinese and Japanese origins.

    The graphics have been well made and are in 2D as the game is essentially a 2D game.

    The game play is quite good, though on some Android smart phones/tables you may have to set the settings of the graphics level to low or the game will be slow to respond. I had to do this, and then the game played smoothly, while a friend of mine plays with high settings and he does not face any sluggish performance.

    Shadow Fight 2 employs the time out mechanism where after a number of fights you have to wait for your energy to regenerate. You can skip this by paying gems.

    The store in the game depends on what level you are and as you progress in the game are new items made available for purchase.

    My Recomendations

    Like all things this game can too be improved. On the game play side this game has everything down to an art form, and i find it to be perfect. The development team can add more to the story, maybe add some cut scenes which tell about the history of the user. To me if i am playing a game i want a good story line, or i will get bored. If a game does not have a strong story line then the game play has to be exceptionally well in order to keep the player keep playing.

    Even though there is a story line, but it is not visited as much as it should be. Like said earlier maybe the characters history and past can be told other than the cut scene shown in the opening of the game. I for one would like to see the character develop emotionally as well, even though all that is left of him is his shadow, but then as the shadow is learning to get stronger, we should be able to relate with him as well. Why is the shadow even trying to fight against the demons. Why does he not just leave them be? Does the shadow think that he will get back his human body once he defeats the demons? We can only find these out by playing the game which i highly recommend.

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    • Shadow Fight 2 Android Game Review
      Shadow Fight 2 Android Game Review

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